Amateur Radio Station

More About K5DDE

Hi I'm Alex, K5DDE. I was licensed in 2013 and been on/off the digital bands since then. Originally from Italy, I migrated to Australia back in the 80s and I am now living in fantastic rural Pittsburgh, USA. I've been involved with technology since I was a kid designing my first (Z80) computer when I was 18.

  • - Amateur Radio, Transmitters, Antennas
  • - Digital Electronics Design
  • - Software and Protocol Development
  • - Blockchain and Emerging Technologies


I'm always looking for interesting projects. Skillset: Business Intelligence, Vue, PHP, C, C++, APIs, Automation, Data Warehouseing, Digital and Analog Electronics.

Unique & Creative Ideas

I value creativity and enjoy sharing innovative designs with others. If you have similar interestes, drop me an email or use the form below.

Ham Radio

While I prefer digital mode radio QSOs on the 20m and 40m bands, I also like partecipating to ham events. I do my best to meet online fairly regularly.

Utilities I've written

This nice little utility will automatically open a new tab in your default web browser once you receive a 73 in WSJT-X, showing the worked station's bio page from QRZ.com.

Shoot me an email if you like:

Kilo 5 Delta Delta Echo (at) Kilo 5 Delta Delta Echo dot com